Tectubi Tianjin Fittings has set up a Quality Control system which it considers essential in its aim to adopt an effective and efficient organisational model, directed mainly at customer satisfaction and the continual improvement of its own production system.
Tectubi Tianjin Fittings has its own Research and Development Department and a laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technology, kept absolutely up to date in order to be able to guarantee the highest levels of quality, resistance and durability of its products. Its technicians work with independent and academic institutions and also give the utmost consideration to client suggestions. A product is sold only if it can satisfy the most rigorous quality standards. The following pages show some of the main items of machinery present in our Tianjin laboratory.

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Tectubi Tianjin Fittings Co. Ltd – Sede legale / Registered office: No. 11, Liujing Rd, Developing Zone of Dong Li, Tianjin 300300, China
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